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Milk and Milk Products: indispensable food

Milk, rich in calcium, vitamins or proteins, is food with several virtues. It is indispensable as a companion of a balanced diet. Milk, yogurts, cheeses… Derivatives from milk often have similar qualities and go with every taste ! To be eaten or drunk in each meal!

Rich in calcium
This group of food is the main source of calcium and satisfies ¾ of our calcium needs. The calcium found in milk and its derivatives is associated with numerous other foods, which, by synergy, favour its assimilation and use. Let’s remember that this calcium is the main constituent of our bone framework.

Known nutritive qualities
From the elements it brings, milk is prime food in a balanced diet. Thus it is an important source of:
- Calcium, essentiel for bones but also for muscle contraction and coagulation;
- Proteins, involved in muscle, bone, enzyme and other fabrications;
- Glucides, important source of energy;
- Vitamines A, B et D notably;
- Minerals like phosphorus.
But these are not its only assets. In effect, it plays a role in many protective mechanisms.

Soya bean, numerous nutritive assets

Soya bean is a leguminous plant whose grain is used to manufacture food.
Soya bean contains numerous nutritive assets:

- Soya bean is rich in good quality vegetable proteins
The only vegetable proteins in the world closest to animal proteins (meat, eggs, fish…), for they contain 8 amino acids essential in our organism. Soya bean can thus be consumed as a source of proteins, in place of animal proteins.

- Soya bean, like other vegetables, does not contain cholesterol.
On the contrary, it contains good lipids, unsaturated in the main, among which are the excellent Oméga 3 and 6indispensablefor our health. Consuming soya food alternately with animal products makes it possible for us to limit our consumption of saturated fats and thus maintain a normal circulating cholesterol rate.

- A good alternative to milk products.
Originally a vegetable, soya bean does not have lactose naturally. Soya Drinks and foods are adapted to people with little or no tolerance to lactose. They equally suit people who are allergic to milk products, while they are not allergic to soya products.