About Us

About Us

About Us

Today, CAMLAIT, the inescapable actor of the food industry for more than 44 years, offers a range of products for your greatest pleasure.
The undisputed pioneer and specialist of soya products in Cameroon, CAMLAIT, has a mission: “to produce and distribute the best food for your well-being”.

Our mission: Produce and distribute the best foods for your well-being.

To always add value to raw materials from farming and animal husbandry by systematically applying the standard norms of the food industry. To contribute each day to the creation and substantial increase of the value of local raw materials, by taking a vast range of food products of very high quality yet at affordable prices to the consumer. Presently, CAMLAIT is leading in the processing of soya bean naturally grown and harvested in the main regions of Cameroon: Soya milk (NOURISS’), soya drink (RIVERR SOY) and soya dessert (BREAKSOY).

CAMLAIT will be a major actor in the development of the soya bean sector in Africa tomorrow.

Our Vision: Become a standard African food firm in the world

Today, CAMLAIT is a Cameroonian company with an African approach, specialized in the transformation and distribution of very high quality food.

Tomorrow, CAMLAIT wants to be an entirely African company with world standards, using raw materials from farming and animal husbandry.

Our history

Founders: Michel ZUKO, Elie KAYO and Thomas FODOUOP

November 1972: Market launch of the first steamed milk : SWEETENED CAMLAIT

1974: JEM yogurt company buy-out

November 1981: Market launch of the first sterilised flavoured sweetened milk (LA BERGÈRE)

November 1998: Market launch of the first soya milk drinkable yogurt NOURISS'

November 2007: Setting up of a new soya juice extraction and of a UHT soya cold drink RIVERR SOY

November 2008: Market launch of a refreshing fruit-juice extract drink (JOVINO)

October 2009: Setting up of a margarine production line and market launch of GUSTA MARGARINE

April 2012: Launch of an instant powder milk LA BERGERE INSTANT

August 2012: ISO Certification (9000 and 22 000) of the NDOKOTI CAMLAIT/RIVERR factory

August 2013: Launch of the fruit nectar FRUIDOU

August 2014: Launch of the soya snack BREAKSOY